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The Author

He also has a modest interest in Gamelan ensemble (Music of the Nusantara)

Residing in a public university somewhere south in Malaysia, he is currently a doctoral candidate in physics. A curious and perhaps naive mind who intend to comprehend the operating mechanism of the universe; from dance of galaxies within dynamics of space-time down to interactions of subatomic particles which gave rise to every element that made you, himself and everything.  

The interest of science in this boy started long ago when he wondered upon simple things  when he was a child; like the clockwork behind buzzing alarm and the reason transparent things like a glass of water able to split the afternoon sunlight into a delicate order of colour. 

In middle school, chemistry had most of his attention when he saw for the first time how chemical solutions are able to change flavor and colours. (you bet he tasted some of them!) He hasn't thought of anything else as he was obsessed with the magic of reagents and how it dazzle the senses. 

He then stumbled across physics during pre-university. One late afternoon as he was browsing in the local bookstore, some ironic odds gave him a chance on a book which quite literally changed his life. It suddenly showed him there are reason under pillars of logic and vigorous experimental tests to prove a kind of symmetry behind everything he had experienced! The universe was never the same again. Little did this boy knew, he fell in love with physics (and beautiful people and life and cats and liquid water).

As his learning progressed, he picked up related interest during his free time in amateur experiments related to electromagnetism, particle detection, X-rays, lasers, optics, spectroscopy and astronomy.

Here is where he will scribble all the snippets of science he encountered during his active life as a student of the cosmos.