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11 December 2008

Big Bang

I could still remember when I was still studying in high school, I used to tell everyone how much I hated this brain killing subject - Physics.

Until I came across some videos of Prof Michio Kaku & Stephen Hawking giving speeches about physics and cosmology to the general audience. They really inspired me in my understanding of the universe we live in.

Now, I love physics so much more than I used to. Especially in fields such as quantum physics and nuclear physics.

As they say "observations of the cosmos force us to reconsider our understanding of the universe."

I realised that the universe we live in is almost perfect in physical sense. In some ways, it's elegant, in order and peaceful. And because it's so elegant, I don't believe it's created by accident. Thus, making me always in search of the entity we know as God.

Getting into Form 6 and studying physical science stream has given me the knowledge to understand some of Stephen Hawkings book with relative ease, and so, I did not regret joining Form 6.

This blog is like a small answer sheet, or it can also be a fact book.

So, if I have understood something deep, I'll post it here for you guys or for my reference in the future..

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