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8 January 2010

Quantum Quotes

The quantum mechanics solution, that is, "Don't worry!" We can't measure it, is logical enough, but not satisfying to most human minds, which strive to understand the details of the world around us. For some tortured souls, the quantum unknowable-ability (Heisenberg's uncertainty principle) is still too high a price to pay.

Our Defense: This is the only theory we know now that works. Ugly but it works.

- adapted and edited from "The God Particle" 1993 L. Lederman


Anonymous said...

hello mrPhysicist, we both think that physics is beautiful. you see it with respect to your mediocre definitions of art. but to understand beauty you must place the perfect physics into our imperfect world. i.e. you may define the farthest distance to be from one point to another in a straight line. to me, relatively, the farthest distance is when i am in front of you and yet still, you can not see me.

Andrew.C said...

Haha! I think the term "mrPhysicist" is an overstatement. I'm just another regular undergraduate performing average in academics.

The thing is, your comment kept me spinning, figuring who you are..

I guess I'll need a neutrino detector. :P

Anonymous said...

no need for such a space-consuming all great physics theory, the solution to your problem is, of course, obvious.