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24 October 2010

My Essay Part (XIV) - Epilogue

Now, I would not digress to discuss about the evolution of life as this article's concern is only on the history of the universe, but the point here is that because of our curiosity to understand the forces that shaped our existence, we have discovered a story. Through times of discovery, and myriad of logical models, we can conclude a journey from the beginning with precision and to project and predict the future based on observations.

Currently, there are many experiments under way to find out more truths about the moment of creation and the ultimate fate of our universe. Such experiments includes the recently run giant particle accelerator in the Franco-Swiss border called the Large Hadron Collider, subatomic particle detectors all around the world to detect and understand cosmic rays, laser interferometers detecting gravitational waves predicted by Einstein’s General Relativity, the WMAP satellite detecting the cosmic microwave background with great resolutions, the Hubble space telescope to discover ancient galaxies and many more.

These are the endeavours modern scientist, astronomers, physicist and cosmologist alike made to observe the heavens trying to understand the grandiose architecture of the universe, the origin, evolution, the fate and our place in it.


Anonymous said...

is your essay based on professor hawking's a brief history of time?

Anonymous said...

an abrupt ending i may say. still i would like to extend my gratitude for the opportunity to appreciate the efforts of a young physicist contemplating his knowledge. i anticipate your next project, au revoir.

Andrew.C said...

Indeed it is. I won't deny the fact that I am interested in pursuing my knowledge in physics due to the influence of a book by Dr. Steven Hawking

This is an article supposed to be an assignment for an English course. I have chosen cosmology for the obvious reason.

Cosmology is a great topic but in it are vast amount of knowledge and ideas I find myself difficult to shorten it into just a mere few thousand words. In the end, I have to end it rather abruptly.