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23 August 2011

Big Bang: How The Universe Appeared From Nothing

Here's a cool video on explaining a possibility of the creation of our Universe. I got this link from Main Sequence and thought it would be awesome to share it out!

In the beginning, there was nothing and the idea of nothingness is difficult to put into picture because it is after all, well, completely nothing. Talk about space, not just the distance between stars but also the distance right in front of your eyes, the matter, and energy and light, these all don't exist in the pre-Big Bang history. So, the question was (and still is) Where did all these wonders came from?

Quantum mechanics provides an insight, that at the very early universe when all things are crushed into a tiny point (refer to my previous posts on the big bang), quantum mechanics must have played an important role in the formation process of our cosmos.

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