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26 February 2012

Ast. (P) #6 : First Attempt on Lunar Craters

Seeing condition of the sky wasn't so bad at first when I was strolling to dinner last night, but when I got back to my dorm, clouds starts to accumulate slightly above the horizon. (Will make myself a simple inclinometer soon to estimate the altitude angle) The moon phase was waxing crescent and it is at low altitude due west, so on and off the moon was covered by clouds.

I managed to get a few single shots of the lunar surface near to the terminator using my prime focus webcam. The results are satisfying but not good. No image stacking yet (have yet to explain this method of image processing) so the best quality single shot photo was chosen, then histogram curve and brightness adjustments need to be done using Photoshop in order to get the best viewing contrast.

The disc illumination data is from the internet for this moon phase, I have yet to work out on how to get that numerical value.

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