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1 March 2012

Ast. (P) #7 : Planet Venus (phase silhouette)

This image was captured about a week ago with my CMOS webcam. The thing about this webcam is that it has no detector sensitivity or shutter speed control and it tend to change the exposure time automatically according to environment lighting. So with more percentage of the image it detects to be black (it's the night sky I am pointing my telescope to) the computer adjust longer exposure time for my webcam, thus the planet imaged is over-exposed.

Nonetheless, the silhouette of planet Venus can be clearly seen. Venus appear to have a phase, similar to moon having phases in different time of the month from new moon to another new moon. This is a single shot photograph - since this is an overexposed photograph, no stack processing of image is required because no surface features of Venus can be seen due to saturated exposure.

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